Otto Schade was born in Concepcion, Chile on the 30th October 1971.

After a degree in Architecture at the Bio Bio University and one in Construction and Design in Concepción, Chile, he started his career as an Architect with his own practise and as Urban Sculptor, being rewarded for public and private projects.

Fascinated by Surrealism and abstract art, Otto turned his creative skills to painting, which has become his strongest passion. Originally working with oil paint on canvas, he has since consistently explored different styles and mediums – growing, adapting changing his style to include other techniques such as collage, illustration and stencil free-hand spray paint on canvas and walls.  Most of the themes behind his compositions are treated with a sharp, ironic touch.

After moving to Shoreditch, Otto became interested in the local street art and once again adapted his style, this time to painting on the streets using the pseudonym “Osch”.  He developed his orb style for communicating his anti-war theme and his trademark ribbon style that emerges out of his knowledge of the use of space gained from his architectural background.

Osch has taken part in some of the biggest art festivals such as the “Upfest” Bristol (UK), “Sand, Sea and Spray” in Blackpool (UK), “City of Colors” Birmingham (UK), “Hometown” Berlin (Germany).  His works have also been exhibited  in  US as well as in Chile, Kenya, Japan, China and many cities in